To upgrade CM Deal Aggregator, you just simply install the new packages for the component, the modules and the plugin.

CM Deal Aggregator 1.3.0 has many new features and is different to the previous versions. So if you upgrade from CM Deal Aggregator 1.0.0, 1.1.0 or 1.2.x to 1.3.0, you will need to do some extra steps in the settings. Although the component configures some settings automatically when you upgrade, there are still some settings you need to review and configure manually.

  • Check the component’s configuration to configure the new options.
  • Check your sites’s settings to configure the new options.
  • Check the new feeds in 1.3.0 to see if there is any option you need to adjust.
  • Assign deal’s fields to XML elements in every feed. This step is required to import new deals after you upgrade.

Some tips on upgrading:

  • Never upgrade on your production site. Clone your production site to a test site, do upgrading on your test site, if there is any issue you can contact us for support.
  • Always backup your site before upgrading.
  • If you customized the source code of our extensions, your changes will be lost because the files will be overwritten while upgrading, so make sure you have backups your site or your customized files.